Zone UK

Zone is now a part of Davenport Burgess, the UK’s largest manufacturer and wholesaler of keys and key blanks. The Zone brand and its products were added to Davenport-Burgess portfolio following a brief absence from the lock market in 2013.

Davenport Burgess was one of the 1st and largest distributors of Zone products in the UK, successfully selling it into the Locksmith, Hardware and Shoe Repair markets for nearly 20 years.

The stable backing of a company such as Davenport  Burgess, means that Zone will not only be re-introducing its existing products but will be showcasing new and innovative products over the coming months.

Although part of Davenport Burgess, Zone is run as an independent company and its products are available from a carefully selected distribution network throughout the UK and Ireland. We have partnered with Hughes Wholesale in this regard, adding the full suite of Zone products to their outlets, subsequently becoming one of our largest UK distributors.

If you are interested in stocking Zone products, then please do not hesitate to contact us at