Medium Security, Padlocks,

100 Series – Closed Shackle Brass Padlock

The 100 series padlocks are a closed shackle version of the popular 10 series brass padlocks. The hardened steel shackle is held in the locked position by a double ball locking mechanism. The lock is protected by a 5 pin key system with a retention feature in the unlocked position. The shackle configuration prevents attack by conventional bolt cutters and, when used in conjunction with a security hasp & staple, provides good levels of security. The products are supplied with 2 keys and come in Visi packaging as standard.

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  • Medium Security
  • Padlocks
  • Closed shackle
  • Double ball locking
  • Solid brass body, nickel plated
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • Anti-pick drivers
  • Anti-pick key profile
  • Large range of key combinations

Product Specifications (mm)

Stock Ref. A B C D E F No. Pins Finish Pack Style
100/40/CS/NP/V 40 57 18.5 14 7 14.5 5 NICKEL PLATE Visi-pack
100/50/CS/NP/V 50 65 19 19 8.7 17 5 NICKEL PLATE Visi-pack
100/60/CS/NP/V 60 81 18.7 9.5 25 25 5 NICKEL PLATE Visi-pack